DAFx is committed to supporting under-represented groups and increasing diversity and inclusion within the conference, as well as helping those in need of financial support. We are offering grants for travel, accommodation, childcare and/or registration fee waivers. 

To be eligible, you need to be an author of a paper accepted at DAFx24 (Main Track or Demos/LBR). You don’t necessarily need to be first author of the paper. You can submit an application even if you haven’t received a decision on your paper yet, but you will only receive a decision on the grant once the paper is accepted. 

The grants will be assigned based on need. Priority will be given to (in no specific order) first authors, those part of an under-represented group (for example due to gender, ethnicity, or disability), those who require financial support, and to students or young professionals.  

How to apply

You can apply for a grant using the link below. This is the only means of applying. We will not consider applications sent via email. Applications will close on 14/Jun 23:59 AoE.

Given that we will not know the final grants budget until the call for sponsors and registrations close, we may not be in a position to tell you immediately whether your application has been accepted. Instead, we will stagger announcements in multiple rounds (see homepage under “Key Dates”). 

If you have a deadline to meet in order to be able to attend (e.g. in relation to visas) please submit an application as early as possible. We will periodically review applications and we reserve the right to assign grants ahead of the standard process in case of evident need. 

Forms of Support

We are offering various forms of financial support: registration waivers, travel grants, accommodation grants, and childcare grants. You can apply for any one (or all) of these forms of support. If your application is successful, it is still possible you will not be awarded all the resources you are asking for. 

Registration waivers

Depending on availability of grant funds, this may be a full registration fee waiver, or a partial waiver that does not include evening events. 

Accommodation grants

Accommodation grants fund your stay in one of the University’s student halls of residence for the duration of the conference.  

Travel grants

Travel grants cover costs associated to flights and/or ground travel. You will be asked to provide an estimate of the travel costs as part of the application. Depending on availability of grant funds, we may decide to cover only part of the costs you have quoted. We will then refund you up to that amount upon presentations of receipts. It may take 1-2 months or more for our Finance department to refund you. If you cannot afford to pay yourself and wait for the refund, please say so as part of the application, since we may be able to purchase the ticket for you (but only if we agreed to cover the full cost, and if the cost hasn’t significantly increased compared to the quote you provided). 

Childcare grants

Childcare grants cover costs associated to bringing small children to the conference or for additional in-home child care as a consequence of attending the conference (up to £400). Childcare grants will be awarded prioritising mother-authors. We will refund you upon presentation of receipts. It may take 1-2 months or more for our Finance department to refund you the expenses.

Data Protection

We support the aims of legislation to strengthen the rights of individuals in respect of their personal data and we place a high importance on protecting the data we hold. In the application we will ask for special category data, such as race and ethnicity, and sexual orentation. All questions where this data may be collected are optional, so we will only be collecting the information you choose to provide. The information provided will be used to allocate grant funding by need and to contact applicants. This data will be protected, with only those on the Grants committe able to view it, and will then deleted once the conference is over. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time as well as to ask for a copy of your data. If you’d like to do so, please email us at